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Carpet Padding Replacement

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Carpet Padding Replacement

Carpet Padding Replacement In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC Since 1998

carpet padding replacement


If your carpet padding needs replacement after flooding, water damage, or to help remove pet odor such as urine “The Floor Guy” can help.

When that happens, the old pad should be replaced with new pad of appropriate height and weight.

“The Floor Guy” is trained and experienced to remove your existing carpets and replace the old padding.

One of the biggest advantages of carpet is it’s softness to the skin. However, over time the padding underneath that makes your carpet soft can begin to break down and lose it’s ability to absorb impact.

No matter what your needs, we can help you make the necessary repairs when it comes to your carpet and padding.

If you have odd not-so fresh smells in your home, the first thing most people try to do is clean the surface. But the truth is that most of the time, the real problem is what lies below the surface.

The padding beneath your carpet can also absorb stains and hold odors hostage.

Types of Carpet Padding In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC

We are able to match and install patches of carpet padding and wall to wall carpet padding as well. Carpet padding come in many types and sizes:

  • Re bond Pad – very popular
  • Rubber Padding
  • Prime Urethane Padding
  • Foam Padding
  • Wool Padding
  • Synthetic Padding
  • Nonslip Padding For Area Rugs

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