Carpet Pad Replacement

Quality Carpet Pad Replacement

In Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC

BEB Flooring & Cleaning can help you if your carpet pad needs replacement. After experiencing water damage, it is a good idea to remove and replace the old pad. We know how to install new pad and replace the old carpet.

Pad Replacement in Raleigh, Durham, NC

One of the biggest advantages of carpet is its softness and ability to obsorb sound.

Carpet Pad Raleigh NC

Over time pad underneath your carpet begin to break down and lose it’s ability to absorb impact. In either case, we can help you make the necessary repairs.

Eliminate Odors & Other Contaminants

When there is unpleasant smells coming from carpet is not a good thing. The first thing most people try to do is clean the surface. But most of the time, the real problem is what lies below the surface.

Odor Removal

Pad beneath your carpet absorb spills and hold odors hostage. When this is the case, carpet pad replacement is the ultimate solution.

Types of Carpet Pad

We can match and install patches of carpet pad and wall-to-wall carpet pad

Carpet pad comes in many types and sizes, including the following:

  • Re-Bond Pad – very popular
  • Rubber Padding
  • Prime Urethane Padding
  • Foam Padding
  • Wool Padding
  • Synthetic Padding
  • Non-Slip Padding for Area Rugs
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