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3 Common Reasons Why Carpet Becomes Wrinkled, Wavy, Buckled Or Loose!

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This post deals with a question we get asked all the time…. “Why do I have wrinkled carpet, loose carpet, carpet waves, buckled carpet or bunched up carpet?”

Improper Installation:

When some carpet installers install new carpet, they mostly use what is called a knee kicker. The carpet contractor will roll out the carpet out and take it in the room to be installed.

Then begin what would appear to be torture on one’s knees and start ramming their knee into the knee kicker tool, all the way down the walls until the obvious wrinkles appear to be gone.

Then it’s time to tuck the carpet into the gully (the narrow space between the tack-strip and baseboard) and cut off any excess around the baseboards. Even though a lot of carpet installers use this techniques, it is improper.

A highly trained and experienced carpet contractor knows that carpet must be drum tight when installed according to CRI 104/105) or the carpet will loosen and become wrinkled once furniture is placed on top and moved around the room.

The proper way to install carpet is by using a tool called a Carpet Power Stretcher, which is an adjustable tool that extends to the length and width of the room.

There are no if’s, ands, or buts about it. This is the proper way to install carpet. A knee kicker may be used for closet areas, corners, hard to reach places or to set the carpet, but is certainly not a carpet installation tool.

Excessive Moisture:

Examples: D-I-Y carpet cleaning machines with inadequate suction power that implore you to use huge amounts of water and soap, untrained or under trained carpet cleaners who call themselves professionals!

What happens is the carpet doesn’t dry fast enough and it leaves the carpet soggy, wet and loose. In many cases such as these, the carpet backing will start to become de-laminated, rendering your carpet damaged.

Excessive Heat:

Heat will essentially do the same thing as water and loosen and relax the carpet to the point where it wrinkles. Also if you move furniture while the indoor temperature is high, this will contribute to loosening of the carpet and/or buckling and/or wrinkles developing in the carpet.

Hopefully this has given you some insight as to why your carpet maybe wrinkled, buckled, loose or wavy.

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