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Resolving Carpet Issues In The Triangle Area Since 1998.

If you have damaged, ripped, wrinkled, torn or frayed carpet it may not have to be replaced. Our carpet repair and stretching services is a cost effective alternative to complete carpet replacement. Many of our client’s didn’t know the life of their carpet could be extended with carpet repair or carpet re-stretching services.

No matter if you’re just having carpet damage in one or multiple areas we can help. Our experienced carpet repair experts and installers are capable of handling all types of carpet damage in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC area.

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The person you hire to repair your carpet should not be a novice or someone who decides to attempt the tedious task of carpet repair for the first time. Another factor is making sure the service provider has the best modern carpet repair tools, the recommended carpet glue and equipment to ensure your carpet is fixed properly.

Convenient Carpet Repair In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC

For your convenience you do not have to rent any tools when hiring us for your carpet repair. We will supply all the tools, expertise and adhesive needed to provide you a successful carpet repair service.

Thinking Of Repairing Your Own Carpet Damage?

in this package is a carpet repair kits which can be purchased at most local home improvement storesCarpet repair is a service that just about every homeowner or tenant will face at one time or another. Spills, cigarette burns, pet damage and other mishaps can ruin a small area of wall to wall carpeting. D-I-Y Carpet Repair Kits can be time consuming, tedious and in a lot of cases unsuccessful. Let us eliminate the headache and get the results you deserve by contacting us for your carpet repair needs.

Our List of Services to Eliminate Your Carpet Issues:


In most houses under skilled carpet installers or high heat temperatures are the main reasons for wrinkled, buckled and loose carpet. If the inside temperature of your home or place of business reach above 85 degrees for days at a time, it could effect the carpet’s ability to remain drum tight. Loose wavy carpet poses a tripping hazard and is unsightly to the human eye. If you notice that your carpet is starting to loosen or not tight as once before this is a red flag you should have your carpets re-stretched.


Carpeted stairs take a lot of abuse from heavy foot traffic. Sometimes this cause unsightly waves to appear giving the appearance of loose wavy carpet. In other cases the carpet begins to detach from the stair case itself. Call us for the skill and expertise to get the carpet looking great again.


Burn holes or marks in carpet can be caused by many different reasons such as hookahs, cigarettes, incense, etc. Carpet burns can be repaired if you can provide extra matching carpet or allow a small piece of carpet to be taken from the back of a closet.


We can also use carpet left over from the original installation if available and in suitable condition. Another option is to take a donor piece of carpet from a closet. However, if your extra carpet/remnant was stored in a attic for a period of time, please check it’s condition. As the high heat of summer months may have cause the pigment to change colors.


If you have installed some new flooring or the old transitions have started to pull apart we can help. Sometimes carpet need to be re-adjusted because of heavy traffic, damage from cats or dogs, installation of new flooring or some other reason.  In most cases we can stretch and fit your carpet up to the adjoining hard surface flooring. Sometimes we have to install new tack strip, transition strips or reducers to make this type of repair successful.


Yes, family pets can very lovable. But on the flip side we also know pets can be destructive on your carpets. Household pets have caused issues such as – balding spots, opening seams, ripping carpet and odor. Some pets can even damage other interior items such as trim work, doors, and sub-floors.


Unfortunately, water intrusion can happen from a leaky roof, hot water heater malfunctions, etc. In some cases mold or unsanitary conditions can develop if the issue is not addresses in a timely manner. Water can causes tack strips to loosen, rotten or decay. If you have salvaged and dried out the carpet. We can install new padding and the salvaged carpet after all the necessary prep work is achieved.

 Get a carpet repair or stretching quote – Call 919.601.8828 or send a message via our secure contact form below. You can also send pictures showing the entire area of damaged carpet that needs repair to for a quick reply.

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