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Carpet Stretching Service

Removing Carpet Wrinkles & Buckles In Raleigh Durham NC Since 1998!

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The Triangle’s Carpet Stretching Wrinkle Removal Service

Get your carpets stretched by “The Floor Guy.” When you hire “The Floor Guy” you are hiring someone who has been doing carpet re-stretching repair since 1998. We use all resources that are needed to make your carpets look the best possible – saving you time and money.

Loose Carpet Repair In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC and Surrounding Communities!

“The Floor Guy” will stretch your wrinkled loose or buckled carpet the correct way using a POWER STRETCHER as recommend by major mill carpet manufactures and the Carpet & Rug Institute. We have all your carpet tightening and carpet care needs covered in Raleigh – Durham and surrounding communities.

Using the latest technology in carpet Stretching Repair allows us the ability to take pride in eliminating your carpet issue.  We take pride in using the best top-notch products and tools to make your carpet stretching repair a success.

We are always happy to provide you with a quality carpet tightening service for your residence or commercial property.

Our years of experience and attention to detail will help us deliver you the results you need. We strive to make the process of getting your carpet stretching repair a hassle free experience.  Whether you have one room or multiple rooms/areas we can help you get rid of wrinkles and loose buckled carpet.

There is no job too large or too small for us. Our concern is that your carpets get the proper stretching service and attention it needs. Put “The Floor Guy” to work for you.

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Our Carpet Stretching Process Saves You Money Versus The Cost of Replacing

When you have your carpets re-stretched the right way by an  experienced expert rather than choosing to replace, you save a lot of money. Why not make your existing carpets last longer?

Yes, The Floor Guy” could sell and install new carpet for you. But if a carpet re-stretching repair service is all you need we can still be of service to you. Our carpet stretching repair service may be a more cost effective option to help you extend the life of your current carpet.

The Process Of Carpet Stretching (Over Simplified)

Before a carpet stretching service can began pre-planning must take place.

If furniture is involved, we will determine the best course of action…. Empty out completely? Leave some items – move certain items? (No major mill carpet manufacture recommends stretching carpet with furniture on top of the carpet).

However, through our years of experience, we have learned some valuable tricks to help minimize what needs to be moved and what can stay and still get great results. Also, before the actual carpet re-stretching begin we will:

*Determine which direction the carpet needs to be stretched.

*Remove or open metal transitions that could possibly be in the way.

*Use a special tool to detach and lift the carpet’s edge up and off the tack-strip.

In Summary

The process of stretching loose, wavy or buckled carpet is a common type of carpet care service that involves detaching the carpet from around one or more edges of the carpet in a particular room or hallway.

Then re-stretching it with a POWER STRETCHER to the proper tightness according to . Then the carpet is cut to the appropriate length, re attached back down to the tack-strips around the edges of the room and then tucked in along the edges to give it a nice neat look.

Like most carpet repairs, stretching carpet is a tedious task involving much patience and skill to produce successful results. We have all the tools and skills needed to properly stretch your carpet and make this less of a hassle for you.

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Customer Service

It is very important that the person who you hire to re-stretch or repair your carpet can provide you guaranteed satisfaction. Another factor is making sure the service provider has the best modern carpet stretching tools and equipment so you can be sure the carpet is fixed properly.

You do not have to rent or buy any special tools when you hire us for your carpet stretching or repair. We will supply all the tools needed to provide you a successful carpet repair or re-stretching service.

Take advantage of a experienced service provider who takes pride in providing carpet re-stretching services through Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. From the beginning of working in your home or establishment to the moment we leave. We will work hard to ensure that our work minimally interferes with the routine of your day.

Also watch the video below to see how our Carpet Stretching Repair Service makes a difference.

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