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Carpet Re-stretching

Removing Carpet Wrinkles & Buckles In Raleigh Durham NC Since 1998!


beb flooring using a carpet restretcher to tighten loose carpet in raleigh durham chapel hill nc

The Triangle’s Carpet Stretching Wrinkle Removal Service

Get your carpets stretched by a vetted professional. We have been conveniently doing carpet re-stretching & repairs in the Triangle for residences and businesses since 1998.

We re-stretch loose carpets, stretch carpet up to tile, hardwoods and entryways. We can also replace or fix your carpet padding problems.

Why Choose BEB Flooring To Stretch Your Carpet In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC?

Your wrinkled loose or buckled carpet will be stretched the correct way using a POWER STRETCHER as recommend by major mill carpet manufactures and the Carpet & Rug Institute. We have all your carpet tightening and carpet care needs covered in Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill and surrounding communities.

Using the best tools in carpet stretching allows us stand behind our work.  We take pride in using the best products and tools to make your carpet stretching repair is a success. Our concern is that we get your carpets stretched to the recommended amount of tension. This will ensure your carpets will be visually acceptable and safe for you to walk on.

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Benefits Of Carpet Stretching In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill  NC

  • You pay only a percentage of the cost of replacing, saving you money.
  • The work can be completed in a shorter amount of time versus replacing.
  • Extends the life of your existing carpet.
  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.
  • Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials.

The Process Of Carpet Stretching (Over Simplified)

Before a carpet stretching service can began pre-planning must take place.

If furniture is involved, we will determine the best course of action…. Empty out completely? Leave some items – move certain items?

Before starting the actual carpet re-stretching we will:

  • Determine which direction the carpet needs to be stretched.
  • Remove or open metal transitions that could possibly be in the way.
  • Use a special tool to detach and lift the carpet’s edge up and off the tack-strips.
  • Inspect tack-strips for failure.

Then your carpet is stretched flat with a POWER STRETCHER to the proper taut and tension. Using a power stretcher allows us to adjust the tension on the carpet to give you long lasting wrinkle free results. Then the carpet is cut to the appropriate length to remove all excess and unnecessary material from the edges of the carpet. The carpet is then re-attached back down on the tack-strips around the edges of the room. Finally, we tuck in the edges of the carpet to give it a nice, neat look and appearance.

this is a power stretcher used to stretch carpetThis tool is called a Power Stretcher, the foot (end with two wheels) goes against one wall and the attaching bars extend across the room to the head. By using lever action the carpet is stretched across the room. The Power Stretcher stretches the carpet ensuring a taut carpet for many year to come. You do not have to rent or buy any special tools when you hire us for your carpet stretching or repair. We supply all the tools needed to provide you a successful carpet re-stretching or repair service.



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What Cause Carpet Buckles and Wrinkles?

In general. the main cause is inadequate techniques used during the original carpet installation. Your carpet should never buckle or wrinkle during the manufacturer intended lifespan. Other factors range from carpets being exposed to high heat for long periods of time. Sliding heavy objects such as furniture, water damage and excessive amounts of carpet cleaning are also some of the causes.

Knee knicker is used to help position carpet during a installation

A knicker was not designed for stretching carpet. It is a tool to help the carpet installer position carpet. In a few instances a knicker can be used such as small closet or hard to reach area.

Carpet Re-stretching Will Help!

Wavy buckled carpets are a problem not only because they are unsightly, but because they also heighten the chances of someone tripping. Also if left loose and buckled for a period of time, it can shorten the life of the carpet causing permanent damage. The carpet yarns tend wear much faster at the raised carpet ridges versus the lower flat areas. Excessive movement from traffic can often bend the backing of the carpet causing it to weaken and in some cases break apart. It is recommended to have your carpets re-stretched at the first sign of extra play or wrinkles in your carpet to avoid permanent damage such as carpet delamination.

What is Carpet Delamination?

Carpet delamination happens when the secondary backing of the carpet splits from the primary backing. Common causes are:

  • Continued traffic on carpet wrinkles or buckles.
  • Overuse of solvent spotting agents.
  • Rolling wheels across the carpet.
  • Pet accidents, left unattended.
  • Adhesive failure in entry-level builders grade carpets.

What’s the cost to re-stretch my carpet in Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC or surrounding areas?

  • For a firm carpet stretching quote – we have to do a site inspection.
  • Get a Ballpark Quote – Please provide 1) Pictures showing the entire areas that needs stretching. Pictures should show the entire layout so we can determine which direction the carpet should be stretched and to see any obstructions. 2) Please place an object near the wrinkles or buckles if the wrinkles are not visible through the picture.
  • The simple old fashion way – just call and we can talk about it.

From the beginning of working in your home or establishment to the moment we leave, we will work hard to ensure that our work minimally interferes with the routine of your day.

Get a carpet stretching or repair quote – Call 919.601.8828 or send a message via our secure contact form below. You can also send pictures of your damaged carpet to for a quick reply.

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