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Carpet Stretching & Repair

Solving Carpet Issues In Raleigh Durham NC Since 1998


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We Provide Carpet Stretching Repair Service Throughout The Entire Triangle

Are you looking for a carpet stretching, tightening or repair service? If so, we can help! We understand sometimes your carpet issue needs more than just a vacuuming or cleaning to be corrected.

We have been doing carpet stretching and repair in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area since 1998. 

Carpet Stretching Repair in Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC and Surrounding Areas!

We are able to help solve your carpet problems for a portion of what it would cost to replace it. We will remove the wrinkles out of your carpets using a tool called a POWER STRETCHER. Carpet manufactures recommend this tool ensure your carpet will be tight and wrinkle free. We will bring all other necessary tools to tighten your carpets to the carpet manufacturer’s standards. This will give your carpet a more appealing look for visitors or guest.

If you notice or see signs that your carpet is starting to loosen up, show wrinkles or the carpet is not tight as once before, give us a call so that the backing of your carpet will not become permanently damaged or creased.

pet damaged carpet in a doorway Holes Or Rips In Your Carpet? Pet Damage? We Can Help!

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Its important that the company you hire to stretch or repair your carpet can provide you guaranteed satisfaction. Another factor is making sure the service provider is not a novice and has all the tools necessary to perform successful carpet stretching or repair services for you.

You do not have to rent or buy any tools when you hire us for your carpet stretching or repair service. We will supply all the tools and supplies needed to provide you a successful carpet stretching repair at your home or place of business.

  Get Residential & Commercial Carpet Stretching Repair Services For:

     Homeowners • Businesses • Property Managers • Remodeling Projects • Renovations • Peace Of Mind

List Of Carpet Repair Services:

  • Burn Holes & Bleach Stains In Carpet
  • Carpet Patching & Berber Snags Rugs
  • Carpet Stretching
  • Carpet Wrinkles Removal
  • Custom Carpet Repairs
  • Carpet To Hard Surface Repairs
  • Carpet Pad Adjustments & Replacement
  • Carpet Re-installation After Water Damage
***Notice*** You must provide or have access to extra carpet for carpet patching service.
  • If you do not have any extra carpet we can take it from a closet. Then replace the closet with similar carpet.
  • If you have wrinkles, buckles or see signs that your carpet is loose. Get your carpets stretched before they become permanently damaged.
  • Call for current discounts on stretching multiple rooms of carpet.

We have different methods to make the necessary carpet repairs for your home or business, depending on the type of materials your carpets are made of. Some carpets are made of cotton or wool, but most household carpets are made up of synthetic fibers, like acrylic, nylon, and polypropylene.

Get a carpet repair or stretching quote – Call 919.601.8828 or send a message via our secure contact form below. You can also send pictures of your damaged carpet to for a quick reply.

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