Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet Cleaning & Protection

If the latex backing of your carpet has absorbed to much moisture during a carpet cleaning it could cause carpet to swell.
Carpet cleaning generally takes about 25 minutes for a average size room of carpet. However, the length of time also depends on the state of the carpet, how much furniture is in the room, and other factors such as the method being used to clean your carpet.
We recommend that you move furniture prior to the scheduled carpet cleaning. We can move small light items such as lamps and baskets, but we are unable to move heavy bulk items.
Light vacuuming is recommended to ensure we do not vacuum up small valuable items such as jewelry, coins, etc that maybe present. However, we always pre-vacuum for carpet cleaning and clean-up after any carpet stretching or carpet repair services.
Most spots will disappear from your carpets for good. However, if substances or spills have penetrated into the carpet padding it is possible it could wick to the surface following a cleaning if traffic rerturns to the carpet before it dries.
While this process depends on factors such as airflow and temperature, drying can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours for steam cleaning also called hot water extraction.

With low moisture encapsulation it could take little as 1-3 hours to fully dry.

Carpet protection keeps your carpets from being damaged or stained by dirt, mold, and bacteria in the future. Once you’ve paid for a cleaning, protection will keep your carpets in good condition.

Yes, most 5th and 6th generation carpets come with a manufacturer’s protector. Over time, reapplication might be needed as it is removed from the fiber during useage and carpet cleaning.

Tile Grout & Cleaning

Our experienced tile and grout cleaning technicians pre-treat and power scrub your tile and grout lines. BEB Flooring & Cleaning use electric rotary scrubber and emulsifying cleaning agents designed specifically for cleaning tile and grout. In some cases we use steam and extraction method to remove heavy soil build up from tile and grout.

Once your grout has been cleaned and dried, sealer can be applied. Sealers can take 24 – 48 hours to fully cure.

How you maintain your tile and grout, level of foot traffic will impact how often you will need professional tile and grout cleaning. In most cases, tile and grout should be cleaned every 12 months for residential and 6 – 12 months for commercial.

Tile and grout can become dull and discolored over time from surface-level mopping. In many cases mopping spreads and push dirt into the grout lines creating buildup. Additionally, deep cleaning by an experienced professional is need to remove the embedded soil and contaminants from grout lines.

The length of tile and grout cleaning varies on the condition of the floor and accessibility. Factors such as first, second, third floor, etc should be taken into consideration. In most cases it takes us around 45 minutes to clean tile and grout in an average-sized room (280 square feet).

Hardwood Laminate Floor Cleaning

Moisture is the enemy of wood flooring as it can cause cupping, crowning, and cracking. Any spills or water issues should be taken care of as soon as possible to protect and get the most life out of your hardwood floor.

Hardwood floor cleaning is not quite as effective when there’s a wax coat from the use of any type of “quick shine” product. Our cleaning services are most effective when the wax coat is removed first. We are able to remove the “quick shine” product and clean your hardwood floors.

Yes, we offer a optional “maintenance coat” that will help protect your hardwood flooring. This product is applied after the cleaning. The wood floor must be dry to apply maintenance coat. In addition, it is important to have matting at entrances to help remove soil from shoes and feet.

Yes, deep cleaning is included in our service!  Our methods are effective at removing dirt, grime and haze, yet gentle towards wood, laminate and LVP flooring.

Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning service removes dirt, soil and contaminants from retail establishments, restaurants, offices, warehouses and industrial settings. When it comes to commercial floor cleaning and maintenance there’s only so much that your janitors and porters can do for floors. Porters can clean up spills on floors and keep them dry and free of dust throughout the day. However, for a floor to maintain a clear shine the use of professionals that use commercial auto-scrubbers are key.

We recommend getting your carpets cleaned at least once a year. If you find that areas of heavy traffic require additional cleaning, we can complete periodic cleaning in those areas to remove soil from the carpet.

Yes, we can put together a agreement and custom schedule to regularly clean your business’s carpet and floors.

We take cash, Zelle, Cashapp and major credit cards for your convenience.

Carpet Re-Stretching

Carpets that have become loose or show signs of buckling can be tightened with a tool called a power stretcher. The carpet stretching process involves detaching, lifting, and pulling your carpet taught with a stretcher. The excess material is then trimmed and removed. Note: BEB Flooring & Cleaning only uses a “power stretcher” for this service. We do not stretch carpet with a knee kicker.

BEB Flooring & Cleaning recommends having your carpets stretched first, then cleaned.

Furniture should be moved to get the best results for a carpet re-stretching service. Furniture left on the carpet may create stress points during the stretching process. Stress points hinder the carpet from stretching properly in areas where furniture sits on top.

While your carpets won’t look completely new, patching can be an less expensive alternative to buying all new carpet. One key factor in a successful carpet patch or sectioning service is having the right amount of matching donor carpet.

Most modern day carpet is made with two or more layers of backing. Furthermore, the backing is what holds the carpet together underneath. It is also the part that holds the yarn in place. Carpet de-lamination means that at least one the carpet’s backing has separated affecting it’s integrity. De-lamination happens when the adhesives holding the backing together fail. Lastly, de-lamination can happen if the carpet becomes dry rotted.

Every job is different! Before providing a estimate, we will complete a thorough inspection.

Call us to schedule an appointment or email your location and photos so we can get started on your initial estimate.

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Maintenance

Try to stay off your new flooring for 72 hours. But times can vary based on moisture readings, adhesive used and type of traffic on the newly installed VCT.

When a polish film begins to disintegrate, the result is a light, powdery material. Causes include acrylic polishes incorrectly applied over wax polish, a floor not being rinsed after it’s stripped, dirty applicators, and more.

Streaks can result from too much or too little floor polish. Another reason is using a dirty applicator to apply the finish. Lastly, not enough drying time between the application of coats can cause issues.

Some types of rubber matting, furniture, etc can result in yellow stains on your vinyl or VCT floor. This yellowing is caused by off gas from the rubber product. Make sure that any mats, wheels, and other rubber on your floors is non-staining.

Carpet Repair

BEB Flooring & Cleaning provide repairs for carpeted stairs, pet damaged carpet, carpet to tile transitions, burn holes, buckles and more.

Many of these kits are unsuccessful and may require you to call on a professional afterward. Call a professional first, and you’ll ultimately save time and money.

In more cases than not you will see the repairs after completion. There are degrees of how noticeable the repairs will be is based on age and quality of the carpet. In addition, the size of the repair will also be a factor. You will also notice the difference in color and texture between the donor piece of carpet and the existing area where the repair is being done. However, repair is always better than a hole or burn spot in the carpet.

Lastly, repairs on carpet that has been walked on for many years are more visible than when brand new.

Carpet Padding Replacement

You may not know it, but padding sits underneath your carpet and absorbs impact. Carpet padding is essential to keeping your carpet soft underfoot.
Odors and the problems causing them can lie under the surface, in the carpet padding. In these cases, you may want full padding replacement.
Types of carpet padding include re-bond pad, rubber padding, prime urethane padding, foam padding, wool padding, synthetic padding, and non-slip padding. Decide what’s best for you based on your budget and more; fill out our form, and we can help get you started.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair

We can repair parts of your carpet that have been ripped, or clawed by pets.

We also do pet odor repair depending how extensive the odor is.

We can take care of odors and stains with our professional restoration services. In some cases, partial replacement may be necessary. In these cases, we can use carpet left over from the original installation (if available) or we can take a piece of carpet from a closet or another inconspicuous place to replace the damaged soiled area.

Berber Carpet Repair

While Berber usually lasts for decades, small snags can occur. Damage can happen as pets play, furniture is moved, or people walk over the carpet in high-traffic areas. We can repair these issues using the proper tools to help you maintain your investment.
By repairing your carpet, we can help you save money while keeping your carpet in great condition. If you want to repair your carpet instead of paying for a full replacement, turn to BEB Flooring & Cleaning.