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In some cases, a wood floor does not have to be completely sanded. It is highly possible that a buff and re-coat may be all that is needed. A buff and re-coat is also known as a screen and re-coat service.

Wood Floor Buffing Raleigh, NC

Screening wood floors with a side-by-side buffer causes the existing floor finish to be smoothed out. In addition, screening wood floors is part of the prepping process for a application of new finish. Screen and coats is a more cost-effective method to revitalize your wood floors. Compared to the cost of a full sanding, a buff and recoat will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Hardwood Buff & Coats Process:

  • The hardwoods are screened with a heavy machine to remove only a top layer of polyurethane.
  • Once the screening process is over the floor is then cleaned. The floor is also tacked to ensure proper adhesion of a new coat of polyurethane. This will give your wood floors a fresh new look. In sum, choose this service without the expense and inconvenience of a full sand and refinishing service.*
*NOTE: This process can be performed on hardwood floors that are in fair to good condition.

During the walk-through process, BEB Flooring & Cleaning will inspect your wood floor. This is done to determine the best type of cleaning needed. This allows us to give you a thorough explanation of how a buff and re-coat service works. The floor inspection will take less than 15 minutes of your time.

Buff & Re-Coat Raleigh, NC

It’s also worth noting that not all wood flooring are candidates for a buff and recoat service. For example, engineered hardwood floors with thin veneer tops are not good candidates for a buff & re-coat service.

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