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Hardwood Buff Re-Coats Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC

In some cases a hardwood floor does not have to be completely sanded to bring them back to life. Sometimes all it takes is a buff and re-coat service from “The Floor Guy.” A buff and re-coat service is sometimes called a screen and re-coat service. 

Screening hardwoods with a side by side buffer causes the existing floor finish to be smoothed out and get the proper abrasion for new finish all at the same time. 

The buff and re-coat process for hardwood floors is a more cost effective method to revitalize your hardwood floors. In this process (over simplified) the hardwoods are screened with a heavy buffing machine to remove only a top layer of polyurethane.

Once the screening process is over the floor is then cleaned and tacked to ensure proper adhesion of a new coat of polyurethane. This will give your hardwood floors a fresh new look without the expense and inconvenience of a full sand and refinishing serviceThis process can be performed on hardwood floors that are in a fair to good condition.

We can do a walk through of your property and give you an analysis of the condition of your hardwood floors. Let us explain and show you how a buff and re-coat service can benefit you with a inspection of your property.

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