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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Raleigh Durham’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning Provider Since 1998

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Hardwood floors can bring a stunning and elegant look to any home or facility. Properly maintained floors can also add style, uniqueness and beauty to any property.

Like most hard surface flooring, hardwood floors need maintenance to remove embedded dirt and stubborn particles. Hardwood floors must be regularly swept or vacuumed to help with removing harmful debris and particles that create damage to it’s finish.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC

Hardwood floors should be regularly deep cleaned, as they can become dull or unattractive over time. The dirt and grime, not to mention foot traffic will act as sandpaper to your floor’s finish. Having your hardwood floor cleaned by a professional will help eliminate the premature wear caused by dirt, grime and foot traffic.

Environmental Friendly Hardwood Floor Cleaning Apex Holly Springs Wake Forest

We use traditional cleaning products for hardwood floor cleaning, but we also offer green clean products and chemical free cleaning techniques as well. Our hardwood floor cleaning products are as safe and effective to use indoors around children and pets.

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We understand how important the appearance of your home or place of business is to you. We use the best high-end quality products and equipment to give you the best results, with less convenience as possible. It would be our pleasure to handle all your hardwood floor cleaning needs.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning:

  • Does Not Use Excess Water
  • Effective Chemical Floor Cleaning
  • Fixes Light Scratches and Minor Traffic Wear

Our hardwood floor cleaning equipment allows us to clean various types of hardwood floors. If you have hardwood floors such as red & white oak to more exotic floors such as cherry, Brazilian Cherry, walnut, acacia, maple, teak and mahogany, we can clean them. Our equipment also gives us the ability to remove stubborn soils that can’t be removed with regular sweeping and mopping.

Residential & Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service For:

Homeowners   Businesses   New Construction   Renovations   Removing Dirt & Build-up   Custom Hardwood Floors

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