Wood Floor Cleaning

We clean & buff wood, laminate and LVP flooring in Raleigh, NC using environment friendly chemicals.

Wood floor and LVP bring stunning and elegant look to homes and facilities. However, like any other floor covering, over time wood boards accumulate dirt and grime on it’s surface. If not address promptly this dirt and grime will penetrate into the finish and damage the top layer. Therefore, when wood floors need cleaning in Wake & Durham Counties, it’s best to contact BEB Flooring & Cleaning. Wood floors need periodic deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt and contaminants from the top layer, bevels and grooves.

Deep Cleaning for Solid, Engineered Wood or LVP Floors in Raleigh, NC

Properly maintained floors should be desired for all residential and commercial properties in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Get the most out of your investment with yearly professional wood floor deep cleaning. In fact, our process safely extract embedded soil from the surface of wood, LVP and click-lock flooring. Toxins, impurities and dust collects quickly indoors, so contact us to give your floor the cleaning it deserves. Our professional cleaning service is safe for acrylic, varnished & polyurethane-finished floors and leaves no harsh odors. Whether you have oil or water based finish, the correct chemistry is used to clean your floor.

It is Best to Avoid Premature Wear to Wood Floor’s Top Layer

Dirt, particles and grit act as sandpaper to the wear layer of your floor. Wear layer is the top surface of engineered flooring and it’s thickness varies depending on the product. Wood laminate floor should be cleaned professionally to help eliminate premature wear to keep indoor space looking good. Premature wear leads to the need for more aggressive techniques or expensive replacement.

How We Clean Wood Floors in Raleigh, NC & Surrounding areas

BEB Flooring & Cleaning only use safe, professional-grade products to clean and remove soil from wood, laminate or LVP floor covering.

  • Before starting wood floor cleaning, a thorough walk through and inspection is done. After identifying your type of wood, we will proceed with the best chemistry for your particular floor. Pre-existing damage and wax build up will not be corrected with wood floor cleaning alone. Ask about wax removal service if you have wax buildup. Wood floor cleaning is designed to remove dirt, haze and unwanted contaminates.
  • Next we sweep, and vacuum the entire area to be cleaned including edges and corners. After dry soiled is removed, we will proceed with the next step.
  • Our rotating scrubber and microfiber damp cleaning system is used to safely agitate and remove contaminates from your wood floor. The cleaning system we use requires minimum water to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. All edges and corners are effectively cleaned by hand.
  • After deep cleaning is finished, we use air movers to force dry the area. Force drying the area will ensure no water damage to your floor. Your floor will be safe to walk on in about 15 minutes or less. Soon as the floor is dry to the touch, traffic can continue as normal.
  • In addition, the floor is buffed with a soft, non – abrasive pad. The correct speed is used to restore natural gloss to wood floor without adding wax or any restorer product. However, optional polish/wax product can be applied if desired.
  • Finally, we will do a walk through to address any concerns you may have about the final results.

Restoring Shine to Hardwood Floors

Wood Floors Raleigh, NC

Wood flooring is meant to provide you with many years of beauty. But be mindful, the best hardwood flooring will dull over time from foot traffic and usage. Therefore, BEB use some of the best wood floor cleaning products available in the US. These products are made specifically for wood floors by top industry manufacturers. Contact BEB Flooring & Cleaning when you want your wood floor cleaned the professional way.

Prevent Wood Floor Damage

Preserve Your Investment

Place a throw rug or mat at doorways and high traffic areas to protect your floor from scratches and grime. Also, placing felt pads under furniture legs, will protect your floor from scratches caused by sliding and moving furniture. Vacuum and dust mop regularly to help prevent excessive dirt buildup from becoming troublesome. In return, this will help improve the longevity of your hardwood floor. Ask about wax removal service to remove wax buildup from wood floors.

Professional Grade Cleaning Equipment

BEB Flooring & Cleaning will use a professional floor scrubber to perform detailed cleaning. Our environment friendly cleaning products are free of VOC’s and petroleum solvents.  This preferred cleaning equipment is perfect for homes, hotels, restaurants and even retails sales floors. Get in contact with us if you are in Raleigh, Durham, NC or surrounding areas for detailed cleaning.

Experienced Wood Floor Cleaning Raleigh, NC

Professional wood floor cleaning should be done by technicians with many years of experience. Choose wood floor cleaning from BEB Flooring & Cleaning to remove smudges and hazy film. Our preferred method removes sticky residue, pet dander and the dust mite matter lurking on your floor.

Raleigh NC Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaning:

  • Does Not Use Excessive Water
  • Advanced Floor Cleaning Methods & Techniques
  • Fixes Light Scratches and Minor Traffic Wear
  • Cleans Various Types of Wood Flooring, Like Oak and Cherry

  • Allows Us to Remove Stubborn Stains

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