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What Is a Hardwood Floor Screen & Re-coat Service?

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hardwood floor being analized to see it is suitable for a hardwood sreen nd re-coat in raleigh nc
What is a Hardwood Screen & Re-coat In Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill NC?

A screen and re-coat is one of the best-kept secrets in hard surface floor maintenance.

One reason is because it can save you money, time and some inconvenience over the life span of your hardwood floor compared to a complete sanding and refinishing.

If you have done diligent research or talked to a hardwood flooring professional you’ve probably come across the phrase “screen and re-coat.”

A “screen and re-coat” is also known as “buff and coat”

The phrase “screen and re-coat­” describes the process of sprucing up the existing coat of polyurethane by applying a fresh top-coat. (This is sometimes referred to as “buff and coat” because the screen is often driven across the floor by a buffer). ‘Screening’ is vital because in order to get a new coat to adhere to the old one you must lightly sand or ‘screen’ the existing finish.

The screen used in this process is a mesh abrasive material. Because it is a mesh, there are fewer abrasive particles per square inch, making it generally less aggressive than actual sandpaper.

Screens are also used in conjunction with soft pads that help further soften the cutting action of the screen and absorb fine dust particles.

The screening process should only leave enough finish on the floor to allow a new coat of polyurethane to bond; screening should remove only a small fraction of the existing finish.

Polyurethane is considered a protective sacrificial coat. Time and usage, causes the polyurethane layer on your hardwood floor to get thinner and retain embedded dirt and grime. It is a good rule of thumb to have the hardwoods screen and re-coated before the existing coat is wore down to the bare wood. Remember that the purpose of floor finish is to protect the floor material underneath.

Equipment needed for most Hardwood Screen and Re-coat jobs:
  • scraper
  • vacuum
  • buffer
  • pad
  • screen
  • t-bar or brush
  • pad painter
  • rags
  • finish
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