VCT Strip & Wax Helpful Tips

VCT Strip & Wax Helpful Tips

Stripping Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) floor of old wax, soil and re-finishing is a labor intensive process. When done correctly, your VCT floor will have a much clear and clean appearance than before.

There are many steps involved to successfully strip and refinish a VCT floor, but in this blog we will deal with just a few. It is critical that the company performing the renewal process to your floors has the right apparatus, products, and experience. The correct use of chemistry and the ability to exercise patience is needed to rid VCT floor of buildup, dirt, grime and old wax.

Below are five helpful tips to be aware of if you are looking to strip and wax your VCT flooring:

1. Make sure the company has the trained experience to strip and wax VCT floors. Your VCT floor should not be a training environment or testing facility. There are many unforeseen issues that can arise during a VCT strip and wax. Knowledge and experience is a great tool to use in dealing with the potential problems that can occur.

2. Make sure the right equipment is being used. Using the same mop bucket and wringer and mop heads for the stripping agent, neutralizer, and wax solution is not ideal in any situation. Each chemical should be in it’s own separate and dedicated clean bucket and ringer.

3. Proper safety precautions should be used. Safety Gloves and goggles should be used when mixing the stripping agent. Wet floor signs should be used if there are other occupants in the facility to help prevent people from walking on the surface, which could be dangerous.

4. Proper ratio for the stripping solution is needed to get the best results. Also, the stripping agent must be properly diluted with the right amount of water before applying to the floors. Each manufacturer of stripping agents produces a label that states the proper ratio for their particular product. Ignoring the proper ratio will prove ineffective at removing old wax and buildup from the floor.

5. The right type of floor finish should be applied. Ingredients in floor finish are not all the same. Floor finishes have solids that varies in numbers. There are many ingredients that make up the composition of floor finish. Ex: The type of polymer in the floor finish being used can be important to your long-term outcome. An important factor in selecting floor finish is it’s ability to release dirt when being maintenanced. The finish ability to withstand burnishing is a dynamic factor as well. Most floor finishes are designed to be stripped away from the tile at some point. VCT floor finish doesn’t contain the necessary ingredients for it to release dirt for a indefinete period of time. At some point and time discoloration along with unwanted contaminates may set into the floor finish. The process of stripping and refinishing removes the dirt and old wax or finish from the floor. New floor finish will play a major part in the enhancement and  appearance of your facility.

Key factors to keep in mind about floors covered with VCT.

Removing oil based substances from VCT will increase slip resistance. In return, this helps create a safer environment for patrons and visitors. When it comes to VCT stripping and refinishing, it’s best to select a company that has verifiable experience. Select a company with years of experience and the right equipment to properly strip and wax your VCT floor.

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