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Preparing For New Carpet Installation

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carpet bedroom picHopefully this post will help make the transition from your old floor covering to your new floor covering as smooth as possible.  Here are some things to consider before the carpet installation date:

1.  RIP-OUT & DISPOSAL OF EXISTING CARPET/PADDING.  When making your new carpet purchase the first thing you need to decide is whether you will be ripping out the old carpet and padding. Ripping out and disposing of your old carpet and padding will cost you an additional labor charge if  the installers do it for you, so you can save yourself some money if you do it yourself.  It’s time consuming, but not as difficult as it may seem. When removing the old carpet & pad using a carpet or utility knife with a new blade. Cut the carpet and pad in about 4′ strips and roll them up to get them out the door.  It is also a good idea to vacuum the subfloor after the carpet & pad has been removed.

2.  FURNITURE.  The movement of furniture out and back into the room(s) will incur a extra labor charge by most companies. You’ll want to decide if this is a task you can take on yourself.  The room should be completely empty in preparation of your new carpet.  Some people move as much as they physically can and leave the larger items (bed, armoire, treadmill, etc.) for the installers.  Detach and store all the wiring from TVs, stereos, VCR/DVD and computers.  It’s best to hire a professional piano or pool table mover for these large items.

After your new carpet is installed, the small scraps will be removed and disposed by the installer and any  large balance pieces will be left behind for you to keep in case you need extra carpet for a repair.

After the installation is complete be sure to vacuum your carpets regularly. Also don’t forget to have them professionally cleaned at least once per year.  This will help prolong the life of your carpet.

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