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Hardwood Floors Care Tips

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hardwood floor being analized to see it is suitable for a hardwood sreen nd re-coat in raleigh ncHardwood Floors Care Tips:

* Dust daily with a microfiber mop or swifter.

* Vacuum weekly with a soft-bristled floor-brush attachment.

* Damp-mop once per month with a neutral hardwood floor cleaner.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors:

* Follow the above regular cleaning routine.

* Polish your hardwood floors every three – four months if it has a surface finish. This will remove the embedded dirt and grime that mopping can’t remove from it’s floor finish.

* Take advantage of window coverings to protect your hardwood floors from heat and powerful UV rays from the sun.

* Re-coat the surface of your hardwood floors every three to five years with a new coat of polyurethane.

Ways To Prevent Hardwood Floor Damage:

* Always clean up spills immediately to help prevent permanent stains.

* Use a matting system at all entrances.

* Use soft furniture sliders when moving furniture.

* Avoid walking across the floor in high heeled shoes or cleats

* Keep nails and claws trimmed on pets.

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