VCT Floor Cleaning

VCT – A Common Commercial Material

Professional VCT Floor Cleaning

VCT, or vinyl composition tile is composed of smaller, colored chips of vinyl. The chips are fused together to make a solid square tile. VCT is a popular choice used in hospitals and office buildings. Also, schools are taking advantage of the capabilities of VCT squares.

VCT Floor Cleaning Raleigh, NC

Keeping VCT floors in tip-top shape requires a regular intentional floor care plan. Services such as burnishings, top scrubs and re-coats have been proven valuable for VCT floors. These services will help prolong the need of having to do a complete strip and refinish.

Floor Waxing Raleigh, NC

Strip and refinish is an intensive service because it removes all of the old wax finish from the floor. All of the old wax finish must be fully stripped from the VCT tiles before new wax can be applied. After the tiles are completely dry, BEB will apply extended performance floor finish.

VCT Floor Cleaning Specialist in Raleigh, NC

VCT Floor Cleaning

We specialize in keeping VCT floors in the best shape. VCT floor cleaning will help ensure your floors last as long as possible. This is because our process removes the dirt and film that will eventually damage the VCT’s surface.

VCT floors in high-traffic areas endure a lot of wear and tear. Throughout the Triangle, dirty foot traffic can bring havoc to any floor.

Professional Tile Cleaning Raleigh, NC

Bring back the luster and brilliance to your VCT. Our service uses the right chemistry and equipment to remove harmful debris and bacteria. Additionally, we have optional protective coatings we can use to help prevent damage caused by traffic.

Our knowledge and experience can help you eliminate the appearance of dirt. We will make your VCT floors look cleaner. Indeed, a clean and maintained VCT floor will always positive impression on visitors.

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VCT Clean, Buff, & Shine

We start by removing dry soil before wet mopping. Extra attention is also given to edges and corners. Then, we buff the floor with a machine called a high-speed burnisher. Regular service will extend full strip and refinish time cycles.

VCT Scrub & Re-Coat

We power scrub the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine and a heavy-duty detergent. Then we rinse, dry, and tack the floor. An application of one or two coats of extended performance floor finish is laid down. This floor finish will help preserve and protect the VCT floor.

VCT Strip & Wax/Refinish

The strip and wax procedure removes all previous layers of finish. Besides this, the procedure will remove finish that has been applied over previous years. This in return offers the best deep clean possible. It removes imperfections by removing the old finish. The customer gets to choose between either a low or high-gloss shine. Lastly, new extended performance floor finish is applied to help preserve and protect the VCT floor.

Our VCT Floor Cleaning Process:

  • Removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria

  • Restores your floors to a clean appearance
  • Uses EPA-approved and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Offers monthly maintenance programs
  • Uses highly trained experts
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction

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