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VCT Floor Cleaning

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VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile – is one of the most common types of floor covering that is widely used in schools, hospitals and commercial centers. However it requires proper routine care to maintain a clean, appealing and nice appearance.

Apart from regular maintenance, the initial care is quite essential for VCT tiles. But as a caution VCT flooring should not be used for the first three days after installation.

We specialize in floor cleaning for Vinyl Composition Tile, more commonly called VCT. Since VCT floors take a lot of abuse, especially in high traffic areas. It’s important to have a regular routine cleaning schedule to help curve excessive wear and abuse from grime, dirt and debris.

Proper floor care and maintenance is vital in keeping your VCT floors in prestige condition.

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Our knowledge and know how can help you eliminate undesirable appearance and keep your floor covering looking clean, shiny and appealing. A clean and maintained tile floor will always impress your visitors and patrons.

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We Offer Multiple VCT Cleaning Methods – Steps (Over Simplified):

1. Clean, Buff & Shine – This method includes a thorough cleaning of the floor that starts with dry soil removal. That is followed by wet mopping with extra attention given to the edges and corners. Then the floor is buffed with a high speed burnishing machine to bring out a high-gloss shine. Regularly performing this service will extend the strip & refinish time cycle needed to keep your tile floors in acceptable condition.

2. Scrub & Re-coat – This method includes power scrubbing the floor with a rotary scrubbing machine using a heavy duty detergent. Next the floor is rinsed, dried and tacked. Then the floor is dust mopped and the application of one or two coats of high solids floor finish to give you a brilliant shine.

3. Strip & Wax/Refinish – This procedure is the major refinishing procedure that removes all finish from the tiled floor. This allows the floor finish to be built back up with new coats of premium floor finish. This method also removes imperfections in the old finish and provides a low or high gloss shine when the appropriate amount of finish reapplied.

Our Benefits: We are Knowledgeable and Experienced About The VCT Floor Cleaning Process

  • Advanced Technology & Equipment
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Over 20 Years Of Local Experience
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Benefits Of VCT Floor Cleaning In Apex Cary Clayton Garner Wake Forest NC

  • Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil and bacteria
  • Restores your floors to a clean appearance
  • We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Monthly Maintenance Programs
  • Highly Trained Experts
  • Customer Satisfaction

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