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VCT Strip & Wax Versus VCT Scrub & Recoat

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How Is VCT Scrub & Re-coat Different From “VCT Strip & Wax/Refinishing?

“VCT Scrub & Re-coat” is scrubbing VCT’s existing floor finish as the term implies. It is a mild process of scrubbing the floor’s finish. The chemicals required to perform this procedure is not hazardous for the environment or to humans. This procedure will remove surface dirt and grime from the top layer of floor finish. This will allow for added layers of floor finish. This process can sometimes save time and money versus the more vigorous procedure of “VCT Strip & Wax/Refinishing.”

In many ways “VCT Scrub & Re-coat” and “VCT Strip & Wax/Refinishing” are similar. We use wet floor signs in appropriate areas for both services. Stripping or scrubbing solution is mixed according to recommended amounts. The floor is then soaked with the solution and buffed with a low speed buffer. Then we pickup all slurry and dirty water from the floor with a commercial wet dry vacuum. After picking up the solution the floor is then rinsed and tacked.

The Difference In Scrubbing VCT Versus Stripping VCT

After the floors are stripped, rinsed and dried we have to check for areas that may need a redo to completely remove any remaining floor finish. Also, we have to neutralize any stripper left on the floor before applying any new wax/finish. These extra steps adds more time, labor and supplies needed to complete the job in a professional manner. With a VCT scrub and re-coat service the need to neutralize the floor is eliminated.

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