VCT Strip & Wax

Keep Your VCT Floor Looking Better, Longer

We clean VCT floors in the Triangle. When your VCT tile floor need a touch-up or some routine maintenance. Consider BEB Flooring & Cleaning.

VCT Strip & Wax Raleigh, NC

Most hard surface floor in Raleigh, NC area such as VCT can be restored. Furthermore, the right maintenance plan will keep the restored floor in tact.

BEB Flooring & Cleaning can provide you with full-scale maintenance and refinishing service. Before any stripping or refinishing begins, we will assess the situation. This assessment will allow us to give you a breakdown of the task.

VCT Strip & Wax Durham, NC

Some VCT strip and refinishing jobs, will be much more intensive than others. This is based on the condition of the VCT floors themselves. Floors that are worse with more neglected conditions means more work to get them looking good again.

Benefits Of Hiring a VCT Floor Buffing & Waxing Company


Protecting your VCT floors from the need for avoidable repairs is a significant benefit of hiring a floor buffing and waxing company. When your flooring’s wax coating wears too thin, the floor itself will be vulnerable to permanent scratches.


Routine professional floor cleaning, buffing and waxing for your VCT, will lighten your day to day operation. You can focus on your normal routine of day when cleaning tasks are outsourced.


Hire BEB Flooring & Cleaning to strip and wax your residential or commercial VCT floors. You will enjoy the look of newly waxed VCT tile floors. You can also eliminate the stress and resource requirements of a in-house VCT strip & waxing crew.

VCT Tile Stripping, Waxing, Refinishing & Polishing

For Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, NC

VCT Clean & Buff

When VCT floors are not maintained properly, they can be damaged by dirt and foot traffic. Our service eliminates and prevents everyday wear and tear on your VCT floor. To restore VCT a professional strip and waxing service is needed.

We Clean Floors In Raleigh, NC

With our equipment and years of experience, we are able to rid your floor of dirt and harmful bacteria.

VCT High-Speed Burnishing In Raleigh, NC

For Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill, NC

We can provide the initial waxing and maintenance program to keep your floors intact. VCT maintenance program consists of a high-speed buffing (burnishing). These services can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Our high-speed buffing service (burnishing) has various benefits for your VCT floors, including the following:

  • Helps the floor’s finish become more resistant to grime, stains, and dirt.
  • Gives you more life out of your floor.

  • Keep an Enhanced Image for visitors and peace of mind.

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