Why carpet is still a good choice for homes in Raleigh, NC!

carpet in a home

For starters, carpet add mood and cushion making your home feel more comfortable to bare feet. Carpet can add compliments to the look of any room, whether a living room or bedroom. Building a new home or making home improvements? Below are great reasons to choose carpet as floor covering in your home.

Additional Safety

Plush carpet enhances and add extra layer of safety compared to hard surface flooring. Hard surface floor covering provides harder impact on kids and seniors and knees. Babies have a tendency to fall a lot when learning how to walk. Babes also, have a tendency to plop down when they sit. Therefore, having some carpet in certain areas with pad underneath is beneficial for added safety. You may also want to consider adding carpet to stairs as slip and falls are more prone on bare wood steps.

Carpet Provides Additional Sound Absorption

Ever noticed when speaking in a empty room, you observe a echo. The echo happens because without furniture and carpet in the room, it is less material to absorb the sound. Also, tile and hardwood floors create noise when you walk with hard bottom shoes. To rid your home of the noise, just add your favorite color carpet and pattern to your home. In turn, this makes your home more quite and peaceful. Moreover, this helps you move around more freely without disturbing a sleeping baby.

Carpet Make Home Spaces More Comfortable

You can make your space creative and exciting by choosing the right carpet pattern,  fiber and pile. The pile and fiber you choose should be able to withstand the type of traffic flow in your home. Characteristics such as natural or synthetic fiber must be taken into consideration when selecting carpet. To get the best long term usage for your particular environment always read the specifications and warranty for wear and fading. In addition, pick grey shades of carpet to give your room a cozy look.

Help Make Your Indoor Space Healthier

Contrary to popular opinion, carpet is they largest filter for your home. Carpet is known to collect and absorb various tiny particles and contaminates that would otherwise go airborne inside your home. According to Shaw’s Carpet Cleaning Guide regular vacuuming with HEPA filter will help trap indoor allergens. It is also very important to clean carpets every 12 – 18 months according to the traffic in your home.

Carpet adds Warmth & Coziness

Cold winter nights and cold flooring is not the best idea of comfort for bare feet. You will feel the cold temperature transfer directly to your feet in a matter of seconds. In addition, adding carpet to your floor is like a insulation layer, keeping your room more cozy and warm.

Wrapping Things Up!

Choosing carpet for your home is also more economical compared to hard surface flooring. Carpet is a wise choice to free your from the hassle of grout cleaning and wood floor maintenance requirements. Carpet various fiber types, patterns and colors, will allow it to go along with any color scheme and design. In addition, if your carpet ever needs re-stretching or repaired reach out to a professional for help. BEB Flooring & Cleaning does carpet repair and re-stretching in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.